Interested How To Get Verified On Instagram? Here’s The Answer!

How To Get Verified On Instagram

The majority of people are trying to achieve popularity on social networks via gaining more followers and, consequently, more comments, likes and other reaction from the side of their subscribers. And in general, that’s the right approach. In order to learn how it is possible to organize your promotion, I offer you to read one of my articles where you can find some interesting ideas for making your account popular.

But how to make people really trust you? How to make them believe you? To achieve the aim of gaining thousands of followers may not be enough. To do it, it’s important to overcome the issue of impersonation that currently exists on social media platforms.

At the moment there is a great option available that will help you not only to prevent this above-mention impersonation but also get a number of other benefits that will boost the promotion of your account and make it really popular.

Have you already guessed what I mean? Yes, I am speaking about the verification of your acc. But the question of how to get verified on Instagram 2019 is still open. Are there at least some chances to do it? The answers to all these questions you will get from this article if you continue reading.

Earlier this blue badge that is displayed near the name of the user used to be available only for celebrities and large brands, now everyone can apply for verification. Nevertheless, nobody can guarantee you that your application will be approved as your account needs to meet the existing requirements.

Interested How To Get Verified On Instagram? Here’s The Answer!

What benefits the verification can bring

Before we proceed to our detailed explanation of how to get a verified badge on Instagram, let’s consider whether you really need it.

Getting your account verified, first of all, you get a badge that will be displayed near your name and, secondly, you have a wide range of significant advantages for your blog or business. And as you can understand, the verification may also be really beneficial for you from the financial point of view. Yes, don’t forget that you can make real money on Instagram. (And if you need to learn more about earning money on this platform check out our blog.)

Interested How To Get Verified On Instagram? Here’s The Answer!

There is a list of benefits that you will get having your account verified:

  • Increased level of credibility from the side of your followers. For many users, the fact that an account (especially a business one) is verified may seem to be evidence of its trustworthiness. Having this blue badge near your name, you will sound weightier for your followers.

  • Enhanced brand recognition and awareness. Being verified, your acc will be always shown at the top of the search results lists which means that a great number of users will have a possibility to notice and remember you. Even if your potential partners, clients or followers have never even heard about you before, they will definitely pay their attention to your account if they will occasionally see it.

  • Increased chances to get more followers. This point is quite close to the above-mentioned ones. There are various methods of getting new subscribers and getting your account verified is definitely one of them. But if you are interested in expanding your audience as soon as possible, I recommend you to think about the option of buying followers. Peterlikes can offer you such an opportunity.

  • Access to new features. Have you heard that accounts with a wider audience as well as verified accounts get access to newly introduced features much earlier than others? Yes, that’s true. To be eligible for being one of the early users of various functions, you need to meet some requirements like having a necessary amount of subscribers. But if you have a blue badge near your name, all other parameters and criteria do not matter at all.

How to get verified on Instagram: a detailed guide

So, if you have considered all the benefits of the verification and have taken a decision to try, now it’s high time to learn how to get verified on Instagram for free.

I’ve already pointed out that everyone can try to get verification. It is absolutely easy and will take just a couple of minutes.

First of all, open your account and click to the Settings button.

Interested How To Get Verified On Instagram? Here’s The Answer!

Then find the Account section and open it.

Interested How To Get Verified On Instagram? Here’s The Answer!

In this section, you will see an option Request Verification. That’s exactly what you are looking for.

Interested How To Get Verified On Instagram? Here’s The Answer!

The app will offer you to fill in the form. There you will be asked to indicate the name of your account, as well as your full name, the sphere of your activity and to select the category that your acc can be referred to.

Be ready to attach a copy (a photo or a scanned copy) of your own identification document if you want to have your personal account verified or your business ID in case you are running a commercial account.

Interested How To Get Verified On Instagram? Here’s The Answer!

As soon as you are ready, send your replies and wait for the decision of the Instagram administration. But be patient. Nobody promises you that you will be answered just immediately.

To increase your chances to get your account verified, you should bear in mind the following Instagram requirements.

Your account should be:

  • Unique and authentic. Only accounts of real people or brands can be verified.

  • Public. Don’t forget that private accounts can get a verification badge.

  • Valuable. When it comes to the verification, Instagram seeks to approve accounts of actively-searched public influencers, celebrities, and brands.

  • Complete. On your page, you should indicate the key information about your acc in a bio, upload a photo of your profile and make at least one publication. It is also recommended to add links to your accounts on other social media platforms.

Don’t panic if something goes wrong and your application wasn’t approved, you always have an opportunity to try once again. Just keep calm, improve your account in order to meet all the requirements and repeat all the needed steps.

Hope you will find this detailed explanation of how to get verified on Instagram useful for you and will try out my tips (and enjoy excellent results, of course).

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